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Monday, September 9, 2013

Statfold preview - 16 August 2013

I joined an IRS visit to Statfold Barn.
The objective - to view two 2ft gauge locomotives that had been refurbished for Charles Matthews in Canada, presumably as part of a deal that brought other locomotives to Statfold.
I will be attending the Statfold Open Day on 14 September, so here are just a few photos of the Canadian locos and a few other delights that won't be operating at the Open Day.

ROGER, the immaculately-restored Kerr Stuart 'Wren' of 1918

CHARLES, a Brookville 4wPM also destined to return to Canada 

A first World War Baldwin 4-6-0T recently repatriated from Ryam Sugar Mill, India
A 1917 Davenport 0-4-0, also from Ryam Sugar Mill.
A Brookville 4wPM

The display shed

Cabs from two as yet unbuilt quarry tanks

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