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Friday, September 20, 2013

Apedale and Rowley South - 15 September 2013

This Sunday was a miserable one for weather, which was a great shame for the Moseley Railway Gala at Apedale. A good selection of internal combustion locomotives were on show as well as a steam passenger service.
Definitely 'stout mackintosh' weather.
JACK LANE, the 2006 quarry tank from Statfold

The field railway featured three vintage Ruston and Hornsby diesels in a good recreation of industrial conditions
A 1940 10/13hp type

A 1938 Model 16/20hp

A 1943 Model 20DL

STANHOPE was the second steam locomotive in use

Demonstration freight duties:

Orenstein and Koppel 4wDM of 1930

1949 Ruston 20DL

Ruston 33/40hp of 1939
By the time I got to Rowley South, location of the Derbyshire Dales Narrow Gauge Railway, the weather was even worse. This line is an adjunct to the Peak Rail standard gauge site and would be nice place to visit on a sunny day!.
Ruston and Hornsby 48DL of 1963

Ruston and Hornsby Type LBT of 1956 ex British Rail

1960 Motor Rail Tpe 40S in its snug container-shed

Gullick and Dobson tamping machine, built in two parts for ease of access
for underground colliery use. It was suggested that the 'power unit'
may be modified to operate as a locomotive.

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