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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Statfold Barn Open Day - 14 September 2013

The scale of this Open Day event was enormous and the logistics must be terrifying. 1200 entrance tickets had been issued. Three separate (but connected) lines were in operation - the garden railway with two internal combustion locomotives in use, the main line to the balloon loop, with 13 steam locomotives on two gauges being rotated on passenger and freight trains (as well as a converted Landrover), and the parallel new line, as yet incomplete, with three big steam locos being used to top and tail a train of new passenger cars. 

This post merely attempts to show what was being used on the day. There are other steam locomotives in the restoration queue as well as a great variety of internal combustion and battery locos, and even a compressed air loco. Everything shown is 2ft gauge unless indicated otherwise.

2ft 6ins gauge 1900 Orenstein and Koppel 0-4-0WTT PAKIS BARU 1
and 2ft gauge 1933 Avonside 0-4-0T MARCHLYN

Graham Lee addresses the troops
99 years of Hunslet quarry tanks:
STATFOLD of 2005 and SYBIL MARY of 1906

1944 Peckett 0-6-0ST HARROGATE
JOSEPHINE, a 1936 Hunslet 0-4-2T that will be reverting to 0-4-2ST

Graham Lee drives Mallet Djatibarang 9 with Bagnall ISIBUTU in the rear
The Garden Railway: a 1936 Orenstein and Koppel 0-4-0DM

. . . and a 1924 Hudson 4wPM
Pakis Baru 5, a 2ft 6in gauge Orenstein and Koppel Mallet of 1905

SRAGI No.1, a 1889 Krauss 0-4-2T, and GP39 a Hudswell 0-6-0WT of 1930
The Landrover conversion

Trangkil No.4, a 1971 Hunslet 0-4-2ST
Lautoka 19, a Hudswell 0-4-0ST of 1914 and SRAGI 14,
 a 1923 Orenstein and Koppel 0-6-0WTT

MINAS DE ALLER 2, a 1884 Corpet 0-6-0PT with indirect drive
SACCHARINE, a 1912 John Fowler 0-4-2T
ISIBUTU, a Bagnall 4-4-0T of 1945


  1. Hi John, I really enjoyed seeing your report of Statfold Barn. I hope to get there one day. I was interested that you said they're laying a new running line, will that make it basically a two-track line, or are they separate? Must have been a great day!! Cheers, Simon

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It is a great place to visit and I have been told that there is always something new to see.
    At the moment the new line is a separate parallel track but it has almost reached the current terminal balloon loop on the adjoining line, to which I understand it will be joined. This is not the end of the story. Apparently there are plans to extend the track beyond the balloon loop.