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Monday, September 9, 2013

Isle of Man: Laxey Mines and Groudle Glen - 18 August 2013

The south-east coast of the beautiful Isle of Man is home to two narrow gauge steam railways.
The 1ft 7in gauge Great Laxey Mines Railway connects the electric railway and Snaefell Mountain Railway with the giant waterwheel.that served a zinc/lead/copper mine. A low clearance tunnel takes the line beneath the road and the electric railway.
The two original locomotives, ANT and BEE were built by Stephen Lewin of Poole in 1877 and modern replicas were built in 2004. There is also a modern Clayon battery-electric, WASP.
ANT, the train locomotive

Emerging from the tunnel showing the small passenger carriages
BEE at the depot

WASP, on charge at the shed
Not far down the road is the Groudle Glen Railway, a 2ft gauge Victorian pleasure railway recovered from dereliction in the 1980s. The entire line has been rebuilt and all the buildings replaced.
SEA LION, the orginal Bagnall 2-4-0T of 1896, running around the train at
Sea Lion Rocks

Heading back through Lhen Coan

The Victorian station has been beautifully recreated

POLAR BEAR, a recreation of one of the 1921 battery locomotives

ANNIE, a Bagnall replica that is receiving replacement cylinders

A new addition, a converted Simplex locomotive with a vertical steam boiler
fitted by Alan Keef Ltd.

Lhen Coan

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