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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

South-western sweep - 26 August 2013

I had visited a number of lines in June but had missed seeing steam in action at two of them. A phone call revealed that a different one would be in use at the third. So that was all the excuse I needed to do a 'south-western sweep'.

At the Devon Railway Centre, their 1912 Orenstein and Koppel had been commissioned and was operating on the tiny line.
A fascinated young passenger

At the Launceston Steam Railway, Kay Bowman was in charge of 1883 quarry Hunslet LILIAN
Leaving Launceston with VELINHELI skulking in the shed

Leaving Newmills with a variety of carriage stock
On the Lynton and Barnstaple, AXE was back in service.
Ready for the next train

About to leave Killington Lane
The Lynton and Barnstaple van has Innisfail Tramway bogies from Queensland

The small carriages will give way to ones of original
Lynton and Barnstaple style and profile  in due course

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