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Monday, September 16, 2013

Leighton Buzzard Gala - 7-8 September 2013

The Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway had its Gala this weekend and I arrived from north Wales on the Saturday afternoon, returning the next day. The Leighton Buzzard line was a post-Great War sand railway which runs from Pages Park to Stonehenge. Six steam locomotives were hauling passenger trains in a well-oiled operation and there were also operating displays at Stonehenge.

Avonside 0-4-0T SEZELA No.4 about to leave Pages Park

Baguley RISHRA in steam at Pages Park
Double headed Simplexes arriving at Pages Park
1877 De Winton CHALONER and Kerr Stuart PETER PAN of 1922

CHALONER now sports an authentic cab that I rather like

BEAUDESERT, a 1979 Simplex  rebuilt by Alan Keef Ltd
On Sunday, Patrick Keef had organised a cab ride on the War Department 4-6-0T, which ran very smoothly and quietly.
Awaiting for a cross at Leedon Loop

Simplex RED RUM demonstrating sand operations at Stonehenge
 A 1937 Ruston and Simplexes ARKLE and DAMDERUG

PETER WOOD, a 1994 Huslet 4wDH and ELF,
a 1936 Orenstein and Koppel 0-6-0WT
Passenger train hauled by a 1973 Baguley battery electric

Patrick Keef in command on the Baldwin
Graham Morris in typical pose as PETER PAN and CHALONER
head from Vandyke Road towards Stonehenge

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