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Monday, September 16, 2013

Frankfurt Feldbahn Museum - 30 August 2013

Knowing of their excellent collection, and having met some of their members overseas and on the internet, I planned my first visit to Germany, ably coached by Mike Swift.

The Frankfurt Feldbahn Museum is on the edge of a public park which was once the city's airport and Zeppelin base. It is reached easily from the city centre by suburban tramway service.

There were three steam locomotives in service and there were also some diesels and a battery locomotive in use. The line forms a letter T shape. It runs from the depot between allotments to the park where there is a triangular junction giving rise to the cross piece of the T. The restored steam locomotives are beautifully presented and two more are close to completion.
Happy customers as the returning train negotiates the triangular junction

Number 6, a 1939 Henschel 0-4-0WT
A 1957 Lokomotivbau Karl Marx 0-4-0DM

A lovely Decauville
The Indonesian mini-Mallet is awaiting attention to a tyre

A brand new ballast tamper
The beautiful Heilbronn 0-4-0WT of 1900

A 1957 Siemens battery-electric with manriders

A 1956 Deutz 0-4-0DM

The very nice Jung 0-6-2TT of 1906

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