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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday 8 August – Tegal to Jakarta via Jatibarang

Today was the final day of the post-tour tour. Before our departure we had an official group photo. (L-R) Birthday boy Bob (New Zealand), Peter and Rod (England), our tour leader John Raby from England, Danielle and Scott (Australia), Richard (England), John (Australia), Cliff (USA) and Kelvin (Australia).

There was time for just a short visit to Jatibarang mill. This has a roundhouse of wonderful design.

There were just two Japanese diesels in use. The steam locomotive number 5 that was in service in 2008 is now not regularly used but we were told that it was available for charter.

A new development since 2008 has been the building of a short tourist railway – really just a children's circuit ride.

Our trusty bus driver and his assistant.
From Jatibarang we headed for Jakarta passing markets and mosques.

Service station refreshment stall.
We stopped for lunch along the way.

And made good time along the tollway.

Finally, I'm at the Jakarta Airport Hotel looking forward to a 2.15am wakeup call to start the journey home.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday August 7 - Sumberharjo and Pangka

Today we had reprise visits to two of the best mills in Java for steam. Sumberharjo was quiet - to a certain extent living up to its 'Slumberharjo' reputation, but nevertheless there were seven 700mm gauge steam locomotives at work (just). 

As we left, we saw a steam locomotive heading out to a field line. Rod Smith of Gloucestershire features here.

We also found a diesel heading in to the mill hauling a rake of crippled loris.

Pangka was great with three 600mm steam locomotives at work as well as some of the oldest operational diesels in Java. It was good to see Jung number 1 in operation, meaning that I have seen all three of this type at Pangka in use.

This time, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday 6 August – Solo to Tegal via Sragi

Today was a long transfer trip but we managed to get in a good return visit to Sragi mill.
Our tour leader, John Raby, deep in conversation with the security man just before we left the hotel this morning.

Becak drivers awaiting trade at the hotel gates.

A Chinese shrine close to where we ate lunch.

Crane driver's view high above the scene at the unloading station.

Nowhere else in the world can you see five 600mm gauge industrial steam locomotives all at work at the same time and the same place. There were eight in steam here once again.

Only mad dogs. Englishmen, and small children go out in the midday sun.

Quite a slow day with the mill broken down but there is still work to be done and cane shifted.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday 5 August Madiun to Solo via Soedhono and Tasik Madu

Our journey today took us back to two mills we had visited on the outward journey.
At Soedhono this time, following a request made on the outward trip, the Orenstein & Koppel well tank was in steam and hauling cane. This is the only 'small' locomotive we have seen in use at a sugar mill on this trip.

The diesel locomotives on cane haulage here are equipped with small 'tenders'.

We saw the photogenic sugar run in operation again.

As is often the case, the rice fields are just outside the mill boundaries.

Waiting for a train: Cliff (Pittsburg, USA), Scott and Danielle (Mackay), and Kelvin (Melbourne).

The Javanese like caged birds and here is one I saw just outside the mill yard gates.

We had satay goat for lunch and very nice it was too.

At Tasik Madu, much to our surprise the L├╝ttermoller was working again. It looks like it wants to be an 8F when it grows up.

The art deco engine shed at this mill is a bit different.

We also took a ride on their tourist train, and a very good one it was as it took us through many parts of the mill complex.