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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Far North Queensland 9 August 2015

It has been a while since I have had an opportunity to make a posting here.However, last Sunday, I had the opportunity to have a day in far north Queensland in beautiful weather because of a business trip to Cairns. There are four sugar mills in an area stretching from Mossman in the north to Tully in the south.First I wanted to go to Mossman Mill, north of Cairns, to see a multiple-unit “cow and calf” recently transferred from Mackay. On the way I called in at Port Douglas because I knew that the “Ballyhooley Steam Express” tourist train would be operating.

Bundaberg Foundry 0-6-2T BALLY HOOLEY at Marina Mirage station, Port Douglas

I also had a look at the preserved John Fowler 0-6-0T FAUGH-A-BALLAGH, built in 1900, at Port Douglas. It looks like it has acquired nameplates from a mill diesel locomotive.
On arriving at Mossman, I found EM Baldwin B-B DH DAINTREE heading full bins towards the South Mossman River bridge.  The crew told me to head off past the golf course north of the town to find the cow and calf.

I found them where indicated and they were just dropping off a rake of empties in preparation for returning to the mill with fulls.

Clyde 0-6-0DH pair MARIAN and HABANA set off with their load towards the mill.

Back at the mill, Com-Eng pair FAUGHY and DOUGLAS head off to the locoshed having brought a load from the road transfer depot at the foot of the Julatten Range.

The next place to visit was South Johnstone Mill and along the way I came across Com-Eng pair 4 HARVEY and 5 BRAMSTON bringing a load through Miriwinni, south of Babinda. These locos have been fitted with truck automatic transmissions this year by IBS in Innisfail.

A little further down the road, I found the recently rebuilt Clyde 12 with a load from Bartle Frere, waiting for 4 and 5 to clear the line.

Close to Innisfail, I found Clyde 14 climbing the grade at the old Goondi 2 Mile.
Arriving at South Johnstone, I was looking for the two Baldwin bogie locomotives recently rebuilt at Mulgrave. Number 26 was broken down in the shed and number 24 had just brought load in. I can’t say I like the new look.

Com-Eng number 39 heading back to the locoshed. Note the cabs from Clydes PYRAMID and BEHANA behind. These locos have recently been transferred from Mulgrave and both have been stripped down for rebuilding.

On the way back north, I visited the site of the old tram crossing at Deeral landing. Here loaded bins were once pushed across a bridge by a tractor for delivery by locos from the old Babinda mill to the Mulgrave Mill system.

I was hoping to see some Mulgrave locos before it got dark and caught a couple at Aloomba, Baldwin 0-6-0DH 11 MAITLAND and Com-Eng 17 DEERAL. MAITLAND had brought the rake across the river and it was split between the two locomotives at Aloomba as they headed off with empties on their separate runs.
MAITLAND has split the rake and is about to pick up its empties for the journey south

DEERAL about to follow with its rake of empties. Walsh's Pyramid in the background.