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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday 28 July – Cepu to Kediri via Soedhono and Merican

Feeling a whole lot better today – thank goodness!
Our first stop was at Soedhono, a 600mm gauge mill with steam not currently operating, although the two locomotives that can be used were placed for photography for us, with some hand shunting enhancing the effect.

Number 6 is yet another variation of the articulated locomotive concept, known generally as an 'Engerth', but more correctly referred to as a 'Stütz tender locomotive' where the tender is articulated to the main part of the engine.

The interest and variety of operations made up for any lack of active steam.
The mill has the usual haulage from unloading station to mill but also also has a very busy operation using two locomotives bringing bagged sugar from the packing area to inside the sugar shed where it is manually stacked by a large gang of men who greatly enjoyed the interruption from foreign visitors.

Thirdly, ash trains are run from the boilers to a dumping area.

After booking into our hotel at Kediri, we proceeded to the nearby Merican mill and were treated to the sight of three 700mm gauge steam locomotives in use. There are no operable diesels.

One of the trio is the last operating Mallet locomotive in industrial service in the world. This system of articulation was developed by a Frenchman, Anatole Mallet, in the 1880s.

Cats are frequently seen at the sugar mills. They are generally more elusive than this one.

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