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Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday 26 July Madiun to Cepu via Pagottan, Kanigoro and Rejosarie mills

It had rained overnight and this morning we planned to visit Pagottan mill in the hope of seeing a steam locomotive in use. Alas a shortage of fuel meant that it was not in service but we had the chance of observing some diesels at work, including this fine pair of Schömas pushing cane into the mill yard.

There were also a couple of wild-looking dune buggy type tractors for yard shunting.

A busy market was in operation just outside the mill boundaries.

The next mill to be visited was Kanigoro and here we found one steam engine working in the yard, together with a diesel.

We then returned to the hotel for some R&R as most people are getting tired and we are promised a big day tomorrow.
After lunch, we visited Rejosarie, where a unique Orenstein & Koppel geared locomotive was put through its paces for our benefit.

However, the other two operable steam locomotives were on the shed with the yard duties being performed by a trio of interesting and well-presented diesels, including these two fine O&Ks.

Another interesting feature at this mill was a mill mud disposal system including two inclines - one underground and the other for loading road trucks.

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