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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday 18 July 2010 Jakarta to Cirebon and Tersana Baru Mill

We made a 6-hour road trip on the bus from Jakarta to our hotel in Cirebon but traffic conditions were not too bad and the minibuses comfortable.

We stopped at a service station and observed some of the local colour.

The first sugar mill visited was Tersanu Baru which had cane trucks shunted in the yard in 2008. This was very disappointing. Here we found that all the rail tracks had been ripped up and the locoshed largely vacant with two-thirds of the locomotives gone.

As it arrives at the mill, the cane that is not being crushed immediately is now removed from road vehicles in the traditional way at the unloading station but now is heaped up by large new front end loaders adjacent to the cane carrier.

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