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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday July 27 Cepu Forestry Railway

The day was expected to be long and hot and at 6.30am we were off to the forestry railway depot for a recreation of the use of the 1067mm gauge teak logging line before road transport took over. On arrival, we were greeted by many interested spectators, including this group of schoolboys.

An interesting railbus was at our disposal. We believe that it took an all-night effort to get it operational for our visit.

Two steam locomotives were in use, a delightful 0-6-0WT built by Du Croo and Brauns in Holland in 1950 (!) and a 1928 0-10-0T by Berliner. We had a ride to the woodyard.

Here several runpasts were done.


However, feeling dreadful with an ongoing stomach ailment, I decided to abandon the day before the train departed for the forest, where logs were to be loaded. I got a railbus ride back to the depot and a motor bike ride back to the hotel where I rested up. The tablets I have started taking seem to be doing the trick. Fingers crossed!

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