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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday 30 July Probolinggo to Situbondo via Gending, Wonolangan and Pajarakan

Today I visited three sugar mills. The first, and most interesting, was Gending, a 600mm gauge mill, which had some small diesels working in the yard as well as a short field line where cane was being cut and loaded.

The second mill was Wonolangan, which had three not very exciting diesels.

However, the main mill building was very old and with interesting ornamentation.

There was also a grave site of the Etty family, the owners of the mill back in the 1830s, which appears to be when the main building was built.

The third mill visited was Pajarakan, which had a very cramped yard and two Japanese diesels in use.

Near the end of our journey to Situbondo, we came across a fishing village just before sunset and enjoyed photographing the colourful fishing boats.

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  1. It's interesting to note the founder of the mill was English. I thought the Dutch at that time were not very supportive of foreigners establishing businesses in their Colonies.

    You are getting some magnificent pictures, and not just of trains. Sorry to hear lunch was not so good on 29 July. Indonesian food can be very good.