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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday 29 July Kediri to Probolinggo via Merican and Kedawung

Today we travelled a fair distance, with a highlight being the mountain section where we passed between a number of dormant volcanoes. It began with a return to Merican mill and ended with a visit to the diesel mill at Kedawung, which still has field lines.
At Merican, the action was similar to yesterday. We witnessed number 2 being used to haul the Mallet in order to rerail its tender and then the tender being derailed again immediately but more seriously this time, with the tender buffer riding up over the locomotive's rear buffer. Some decent springs at the rear end of the Mallet would prevent that happening as well as providing better traction for the front engine, and stopping that sad drooping look.

We saw sugar vans being hauled to the sugar shed and unloaded there.

We saw two more variations on the haulage of empty loris – by a cane delivery truck, using a chain

and by a pair of oxen.
Our scenic trip through the mountains was very enjoyable.

The traffic wasn't too bad and there were not too many roadworks but we had to cross a Bailey Bridge where a mountain stream had washed out the road.

There were interesting villages

and food on sale, as it is everywhere.
Our lunch was a forgettable one (company excepted).

We came at length to Kedawung mill, where no less than five diesels were out on cane haulage in the fields. One item of interest we did see was a disused British-built Baguley diesel and there was also a rare Krauss lookalike Breda locomotive out of use. As with most discarded locomotives in dark sheds, photography is an ongoing challenge.

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