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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday 21 July Sragi and Sumberharjo

Today we tackled the bad roads and the traffic to travel to Sragi Mill, another stronghold of steam locomotive operation between the unloading station and the mill, with eight 600mm gauge locomotives in steam as had been the case in 2008. The livery has changed to two-tone green. The trains are propelled from the truckyard. The first train we saw on arrival was a "triple header" of two Hartmann   0-8-0Ts and a Berliner 0-10-0T.

My favourite is the Jung tender engine that looks after the empties at the unloading station.

We also visited the closed mill at Comal which was an out-depot of Sragi. The loco shed there still contains a number of locomotives and there is also what appears to be a Jung 0-6-0WT on display in a children's playground.

Following lunch, we made our way back to Sumberharjo to in search of more field trains. Thanks to our guide 'TC' and Google Earth we were successful in finding a location where we found (after some exertion) three steam locomotives and water buffalo hauling trucks on portable track. Most of the party also rode on a locomotive for about a kilometre.

Not all of this was recorded by me because of a camera battery problem. It was another extremely hot and uncomfortable day but it is amazing how much the temperature drops after 3.30pm.

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  1. Oh my God...all of the very nice pictures--the old and traditionally mill and trains, green farm and buffalo, peaceful village--remind me to my beloved hometown. However, recently the new technology has changed the life and life style. Some of them only remain the memory. The unique of the steam locomotive's voice--the whistle which struck along the railway now become only a story. A memory of my childhood wondering the passing train.....