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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday 23 July Bandungan to Solo via Amberawa and Tasik Madu mill

Bandungan is a nice cool hill station nestled amid volcanoes.

It appears to be scene of operation for a well-known Australian real estate agency.

We rode the Amberawa rack railway again. Two groups of students from nearby schools were marshalled by their teachers to see us go by, presumably for some legitimate educational purpose. Note the student who has cunningly substituted the Fernando Torres Spanish football kit for his school uniform.

Unfortunately, there was no time to look around the Amberawa Railway "Museum" which contains about 20 corroding government railway engines.

We then travelled to Tasik Madu mill. There are quite a number of 750mm gauge steam locomotives kept in nice condition here but only one is normally in use for cane transfers from the unloading yards to the mill, alongside three diesels.

Because of a failure we were fortunate to see the amazing Orenstein & Koppel "Lüttermoller" 0-10-0 tender locomotive in use as well as a vertical boilered steam roller.

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