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Friday, July 20, 2012

PG Wonolangan, PG Gending and PG Pajarakan Friday 20 July 2012

Today we left Malang and headed to Kedawung Mill where we arrived too late to see the empty train crossing the State Railway. We checked out the loco shed and then found a field train. We watched empty loris being delivered onto temporary track.
Truck shop at Kedawung

Japanese loco delivering empties. Note the riding points and the security escort on the right.

Lori being pushed onto the temporary track laid for harvesting

Mad Europeans gather

Driver of Keio loco

We then intercepted an empty ash train returning to the mill yard.

Ash train with another Japanese loco

PTKA train crossing cane tracks

Chickens are everywhere around human habitation

Locos returning from the fields for a lunch break

After lunch, we saw all the other locos in the mill yard with the exception of the Baguley RUHAAK which we were told had been transferred to Assembagus - although we actually later found it at Wringinanom.

We then went on for a short visit at Gending which is a 600mm gauge mill. Here three diesels were in use but nothing was on the field lines. We hope to catch up with some field line action tomorrow.

Hauling cane from the transhipment yard through the village streets

Workshop adjacent to the loco shed with all belt drive machinery

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