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Friday, July 13, 2012

PG Madukismo and PG Gondang Baru Thursday 12 July 2012

We flew in to Yogjakarta from Bali hoping to meet a new Indonesian friend, Aditya, but he wasn’t there so we went straight to Pabrik Gula (PG or sugar mill) Madukismo. Aditya caught up with us there.  It turns out he lived in Manchester from age 11 to 28.

Maduksimo is a privately-owned mill that was built from scratch by the East Germans and so its entire rail system came as a job lot in 1955 and the locomotives are a rare type built by VEB Karl Marx Babelsburg. There are no field lines, but quite a few locos work in the yard with plenty more in the shed, nearly all complete. A regular mud train is run but we weren’t there at the right time to see it.

This is a very friendly mill, and our guide, Shinta, spoke very good English.

The VEB locos move loris from transhipment yard to the mill

The shed contains plenty of locos in reserve

Stern warnings in the cabs

Some of the loris were built with brakes like this one

The mill mud tramway

Aditya, Shinta and Scott

Maintained with pride

We next visited Gondang Baru, a mill on the way from Yogya to Solo, where we were to stay the night. There are quite a few locomotives, mostly steam, “preserved” here. Only one diesel is in use on cane operations and is used to move empty loris. The shunting of fulls is done by rubber-wheeled tractors. Perhaps the most interesting operation is the 400mm gauge limestone tramway. There are tourist rail operations, with a working steam loco, on a Sunday. 

Linke Hoffmann locomotive

Orenstein and Koppel steamed on Sundays for tourists

The fascinating 400mm gauge limestone tramway

The only locomotive on cane duties

Sectioned at the "museum"

We then travelled on to Solo, otherwise known as Surakarta.
A residential street close to the railway station

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