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Monday, July 23, 2012

PG Prajekan and PG Panji Monday 24 July 2012

Today we left Jember and headed towards Situbondo on the north coast of Java.

On the way we called in at Prajekan Mill where we viewed the molasses train which makes 12 trips from the mill to the bulk molassses tank each day.

We also visited the loco shed to see some disused fine 0-10-0 locos and saw the two diesels in the yard.

The mill yard from the yard footbridge

A glimpse inside the mill

After calling in at our hotel, we proceeded to Panji, a 600mm gauge mill.

Preserved locomotive in front of the mill

The previous green livery has been changed to an attractive light grey and yellow with red frames.

We went to the place where harvesting was taking place and saw water buffalo hauling cane to the main line.

 We then chased the cane train hauled by one of the Japanese locos back to the mill and saw the other Japanese loco shunting there.

Our fearless leader, Bernd Seiler, in the photo

Getting close to dusk
Road crossing keeper's sentry box

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