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Monday, July 16, 2012

PG Tasik Madu Friday 13 July 2012

Tasik Madu has a tourist park attached to it and there are plenty of operational steam locomotives that are not used for cane haulage.

On the sugar mill side of things three locomotives are in regular use, a large Orenstein and Koppel Luttermoller steam loco, a Japanese 0-4-0DH and a smaller Schoema diesel.

Roman numerals feature in a number of mill rosters

This always reminds me of a Stanier 8F

The total lineup

This Ruston looks a lot better without the horrible fake boiler bodywork it used to carry

A well patronised train prepares to depart in the tourist park

We travelled from Solo to Madiun by local passenger train consisting of a second-hand Japanese diesel railcar set and after that we observed the branch line train that runs to the Pertamina depot, hauled by a Krupp loco in heritage colours.

Recycled Japanese railcar set on arrival at Madiun

The Madiun petrol train

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