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Monday, July 16, 2012

PG Rejoagung, PG Kanigoro & PG Pagottan Sunday 15 July 2012

This morning we set out to PG Rejoagung which is within the city of Madiun. We found two locomotives on sugar transport and others in the cane yard.

In the sugar loading area

At the sugar shed

The pattern of working was similar to 2010 with German locomotives painted in traditional colours.

Diema on empties

An innovation has been the construction of two self-propelled winch vehicles which were found in the truck shop.

Nice large Orenestein and Koppel in the roundhouse

We then caught a minibus at the nearby bus station to Kanigoro, which was a fair walk from the bus stop.

A surprise here was that we found ourselves in the middle of a model shoot with two very attractive models and about 25 photographers. Needless to say we were photographed with them.

Here we were pleased to find a steam locomotive in use and another serviceable outside the loco shed.
At work in the yard

Ready to go

We then retraced our steps to the main road to catch a minibus to Pagottan. Here we were unable to gain entry because no office staff were in attendance.
However, we were able to station ourselves at a level crossing and see a fair amount of action. The main interest here was that last year it was reported that two Luttermoller 0-10-0T locos had been put into use as fireless units charged with steam from the mill boilers. We found three at work this year and got a good view of two of them.

An attempted push start

Sunday afternoon entertainment for the kids - watching the cane trains

Our bus ride back was on an airconditioned bus in which we were packed like sardines.

At the end of the day we parted company with Aditya, our friend from Surabaya, who has to get home tomorrow. With his help we learned a lot about how to get ourselves around. Let’s hope we can manage without him tomorrow.
John Raby has also stared his 2012 visit. See his blog at http://www.users.waitrose.com/~jraby/javablog12.html

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