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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PG Kebon Agung and PG Krebet Baru Tuesday 17 July 2012

Today we had to meet Bernd Seiler's FarRail tour group at Malang Airport.
Bus problems intervened. We got to the bus stop at 7.45. The first minibus came at 8.30 and was so full we couldn't get on it. The next minibus came at 9.20 and we managed to get aboard but the trip through the mountains was 3 hours so we decamped on the outskirts of Malang and took a taxi to Kebon Agung mill, which was the first due to be visited by Bernd and the group we were joining. They arrived at about 2pm.

Kebon Agung mill no longer uses rail but an extensive collection of steam and disel locos are still in the old shed so we inspected these.

Preserved loco near mill offices

Many of the locos were buried amid clutter

Prayer "room" in old loco shed

Behind the loco shed

With the day fast fading, we then moved on to the Krebet Baru mill area. Krebet is one of the few mils in Indonesia to have field lines but because it got rid of steam early it has been little visited. This could change in the future. We went to Gondanglegi, a depot about 15km south of the mill where trains are made up and despatched to the mill.
Cane loading - a laborious task
Locos at Gondanglegi depot

Lines of empty loris awaiting delivery
Here we found that there would be no forther trains to the mill today but we had time to inspect the impressive facilities and a Diema linecar that is stationed there.
This Diema railcar was brought out of its shed

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