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Saturday, July 21, 2012

PG Jatiroto Saturday 20 July 2012

We left Probolinggo this morning and headed to Jatirito Mill. It is obvious that most of the development was part of a planned drainage and platation scheme in the early decades of the twentieth century. The tramline layout extends to over 280km of track and is laid out criss-cross in typical plantation fashion. There is a major irrigation channel that runs through the area which is crossed by several tramline bridges.

On the way out to the fields

At the mill, we saw many diesel locomotives, abandoned steam locomotives and line cars. The main line locomotives are mostly Hokiruki Juki dating from the mid-1970s. We saw an ash train and a sugar train as well as cane shunting and many locomotives returning to the shed after delivering empties in the morning.

The mill's one Keio locomotive

Roomy diesel shop and running shed

Two of plenty Hokiruki Juki linecars

The steam shed

Cane haulage from the shunting yard

Sugar train

Amid old mill buildings

In the empty yard

This small loco appears to be new build

Schoema 02 transferred from Pajarakan

Our efforts to locate field line trains met with very limited success. The promised cane train returning to the mill failed to materialise, but I did catch a pair of oxen going home along the tramway formation.

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