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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday 5 September More of the same at Rarawai

It was not actually raining when we set off for Ba this morning but it was certainly dull. When we arrived we found number 8 setting off for Korovuto with empties. 

We received permission to visit the Rarawai loco shed and the mill yard. All the locos at the mill were inundated by the floods this year (along with everything else) with water around six feet deep.
Both Hunslets based at the mill have their torque converters out. These are the heavy haulers from Tavua and not much cane is coming in from there this year.

The Diema was also in the shed needing repairs.

These locos have been sitting here for years and show evidence of the flooding.

There was a lot of mud through the yard after the overnight rain. Baldwin 17 was on its normal weighbridge duties.
And Baguley-Drewry number 24 on the empties.
And is this the original “garden shed on wheels”?
At Tavua, the Hunslet there, number 22, was receiving a few adjustments. The fitter is very proud of the reliability of the two locos he looks after here.

 The “moon buggy” line car of Brad Peadon fame is back in the shed at Tavua.

The weather was getting steadily worse and we had no luck finding trains. The only exception was Lautoka 23, having a break at Ravivravi, the place where the Lautoka and Rarawai lines join.



We retired for the day early, hoping for sun and fine weather tomorrow.

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