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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday 1 September 2012 Farewell to the Friendly North

We got up early and found number 13 CHILLI coming in from Vunimoli.

Clyde number 11 and Baldwin 12 were assembled at Nagigi trying to get more cane in to the mill as they were running short.

Number 12 on its second haul over Vuo. I had driven it back after the first trip (under instruction of course).

Clyde/Ontrak number 15 Oscar at Nagigi coming back light engine from the Bucaisau line.

So we departed our hotel and set off through the mountains to Savusavu where we were to get our plane back to Nadi.

In spite of my unscheduled lengthy detour we did manage to get there on time to board the Twin Otter . This was my position behind the "driver".

And here was the crowd packed in behind me.

We saw a few interesting sights – coral reefs

The mountains of northern Viti Levu

Rarawai Mill

Many landslips resulting from the terrible flood events of earlier this year.

Finally we arrived at Nadi Airport to find Lautoka Mill number 22 waiting for us.








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