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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday 6 September: The real Fiji

The morning started off dull again but the forecast said it would clear up.
Lautoka numbers 24 and 20 were taking empties south at Sabeto.

Number 12 running towards Nasavusavu at Nabila village. By 8.30am we had seen three trains outside the mill, already bettering yesterday’s efforts.

Returning north to Navo, the crew was doing some work in the yard there. 
 Number 10 crossed the highway at Navo to go on shed. In the background is one of the Navoto linecars, which had come down for greasing. By now the sun was shining.
As we headed north again, we noted that Lautoka Mill had stopped for lack of cane. Motor trucks cannot get into the fields in wet weather, another reason to maintain rail haulage.
Arriving at Rarawai Mill, number 8 had arrived from the north with cane.

And we saw number 28 heading out across the Ba River bridge.


Moving on to Tavua, numbers 9 and 22 were ready to go up to Drumasi, the furthest extent of the Rarawai tramline, to collect fulls.

Number 9 leaving Tavua yard.

Homeward bound

Number 22 at Tawawa, a yard near the terminus.

Number 22 awaiting departure at Malele.

We pressed on towards Rakiraki.

And not far from the western terminus of Penang Mill’s line we found Clyde number 21, recently transferred from Lautoka Mill.


Let’s hope that the fine weather has returned for the rest of our visit!

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