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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday 8 September: Clean sweep

Today we did a drive through from Drumasi in the north to Batiri in the south – from one end of the Rarawi-Lautoka system to the other - and by some miracle of good management and good luck we found every train operating out of the mills on day shift. So here it goes:

7.44am Rarawai 9 on empties at Drumasi, east of Tavua.

8.51am Rarawai 8 on empties on Koronubu Road, Ba.

9.31am Rarawai 27 on truck shop duties at the mill.

 9.48am Rarawai 10 bringing fulls in from Koronubu Road.

9.55am Rarawai 28 crossing the Kings Road light engine coming back to the mill from the west.

10.49am Lautoka 24 crossing the rebuilt Naviago bridge with empties.

11.51am Lautoka 23 coming through Saweni Beach with empties.

12.29pm Lautoka 22 coming through Vuda Point with fulls.

1.54pm Lautoka 11 crossing the rebuilt Navo bridge with empties.

2.02pm Lautoka 14 takes off from Navo with the empties brought by number 11 while number 10 is ready to depart with fulls.

 2.07pm Lautoka 10 departs Navo with fulls.

3.56pm Lautoka 12 with empties at Batiri.

Home to Brisbane tomorrow morning!












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