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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday 4 September A dull kind of day

A check at Lautoka Mill this morning showed that it was still idle. We headed south under clouds and at Navota found both line cars based there ready to head off to south and north.

 At Navo we found three Clyde HG-3R locos, 10, 11 and 12, at change of shift. We think that number 14 is also based here but it was back at the mill following a misfortune with a side rod yesterday.
 There was time for the loco crew to get the navvies to carry out a modification to number 12.

Number 11 then headed in towards the mill with the last load from the south until crushing resumes.

We called in at the mill office but were told to come back after lunch. Number 22 had brought more cripples in to the mill and so a little shunting was going on.

Eventually we got permission to visit the loco shed and yard. Baldwin number 16 is still “under repair” just like last year.

Simplex 13 – the weighbridge shunter.

With no prospect of crushing before tonight, we headed north to Ba and found operations at Rarawai Mill in full swing. By the time we got there, it was raining and getting darker all the time. We saw Clyde 28 struggling up the full yard.

Clydes 6 and 10 and Baldwin 17 near the stabling point.

It was wet and increasingly dark so we headed back to Lautoka. On the way we came across this.




The weather forecast for tomorrow is for extensive heavy rain so it probably will not be much good for photography even if both mills are working.


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