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Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday 7 September Penang

Penang is a small mill and is only crushing 170,000 tonnes of cane this year. Its small rail system uses 35lb rail. We found Drewry number 8 dumped in the yard after it had been out of use in the shed for many years.

Clyde number 21 has come from Lautoka this year and is fitted with a monstrous radiator housing. It is the mill’s first “big” loco.

 Baldwin number 3 and number 21 just inside the main gate.

 Ex-number 4 Hudswell Clarke pictured on our tour around the mill yard.

 Nothing much was happening so we had time for sightseeing.
Maleke Island

And for a siesta back at the Rakiraki Hotel.

Diema number 10 is the full yard loco but it got to haul cane into the mill later in the day when number 21 failed.

 Baguley-Drewry number 9 was built for Mozambique but ended up in Fiji.

Here it is heading out west over a road-rail bridge. It was called back to take over number 21’s run.
Number 3 substituted.

When I grow up I want to be a bogie loco.

Horses with rope harnesses and no stirrups are popular for personal transport.


Cubu Island from the coast at Naivuvuni.
Tomorrow we head back to the west coast for our last day.

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