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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday 4 August Purwodadi and Rejo Agung

Today we visited two mills in the Madiun area.
The first was Purwodadi that we had visited on the way out. On that occasion they were thrashing the two steam locomotives in use so it was not surprising when we found that these were broken and that the other serviceable one was working in tandem with the big diesel.

There is a nice bridge here that the trains cross but a hazardous road and not completely favourable light makes photographing it a challenge.

Firing methods in Indonesia can be unconventional.

After a long lunch break we visited Rejo Agung, in Madiun itself. This is a privately owned one and we were able to get permission to visit speedily and without advance notice. Shortly after arriving we experienced a tropical afternoon downpour, so a locomotive cab made a nice place to shelter while it lasted.

This mill has a roundhouse although the turntable is welded in one position.

In the shed we found an interesting home-built locomotive.

Most of the locomotives working in the yard were modern Schömas that appeared well maintained.

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