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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday 8 August – Tegal to Jakarta via Jatibarang

Today was the final day of the post-tour tour. Before our departure we had an official group photo. (L-R) Birthday boy Bob (New Zealand), Peter and Rod (England), our tour leader John Raby from England, Danielle and Scott (Australia), Richard (England), John (Australia), Cliff (USA) and Kelvin (Australia).

There was time for just a short visit to Jatibarang mill. This has a roundhouse of wonderful design.

There were just two Japanese diesels in use. The steam locomotive number 5 that was in service in 2008 is now not regularly used but we were told that it was available for charter.

A new development since 2008 has been the building of a short tourist railway – really just a children's circuit ride.

Our trusty bus driver and his assistant.
From Jatibarang we headed for Jakarta passing markets and mosques.

Service station refreshment stall.
We stopped for lunch along the way.

And made good time along the tollway.

Finally, I'm at the Jakarta Airport Hotel looking forward to a 2.15am wakeup call to start the journey home.

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