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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday 5 August Madiun to Solo via Soedhono and Tasik Madu

Our journey today took us back to two mills we had visited on the outward journey.
At Soedhono this time, following a request made on the outward trip, the Orenstein & Koppel well tank was in steam and hauling cane. This is the only 'small' locomotive we have seen in use at a sugar mill on this trip.

The diesel locomotives on cane haulage here are equipped with small 'tenders'.

We saw the photogenic sugar run in operation again.

As is often the case, the rice fields are just outside the mill boundaries.

Waiting for a train: Cliff (Pittsburg, USA), Scott and Danielle (Mackay), and Kelvin (Melbourne).

The Javanese like caged birds and here is one I saw just outside the mill yard gates.

We had satay goat for lunch and very nice it was too.

At Tasik Madu, much to our surprise the L├╝ttermoller was working again. It looks like it wants to be an 8F when it grows up.

The art deco engine shed at this mill is a bit different.

We also took a ride on their tourist train, and a very good one it was as it took us through many parts of the mill complex.

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