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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday 25 May Sandstone Estates Day 2

We left our hotel at Fouriesburg at 5.30am to be at Sandstone for sunup. It was a frosty morning. The locomotives in use today were two Beyer-Garrett articulated locomotives.
This more modern NGG16 type was a mainstay of the 2ft gauge South African Railways lines. The black one is a Class NGG13 of 1928 while the green one is a more modern NGG16 of1936.

There is an African settlement on the estate and in the afternoon, as we prepared for a runpast, a group of children were playing nearby and women came up the path carrying loads on their heads.
We were treated to great hospitality at Sandstone, with lovely meals served and were able to wander through the sheds of tractors, agricultural machinery, portable and road steam engines and of course the many steam locomotives.

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