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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saturday 29 May Creighton Day 1

Creighton is the home of a new tourist train venture, the Sisonke Stimela, which will commence full operations on South African Railways later this year. The train is brand new, and very nicely appointed and we were the first group to make use of its facilities. We dined and were accommodated on this train overnight during our stay at Creighton and today enjoyed a couple of trips to Riverside. The first trip included the carriage that contained my sleeping compartment, which was very convenient indeed.
The locomotive on the morning trip to Riverside was a Class 19D.
With it being the weekend, there were plenty of locals around at Riverside to observe our strange activities.

In the afternoon, a Class GMAM Beyer-Garratt hauled our train to Riverside and return. This locomotive is about the same size as the large Garratt locomotives that once on the New South Wales Government Railways, but on the South African 3ft 6ins narrow gauge.

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