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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monday 24 May Sandstone Estates Day 1

We drove from Johannesburg to Sandstone Estates today, and made the town of Fouriesburg our base. Sandstone is a commercial farm in the Free State close to the border with Lesotho (once known as Basutoland). Here Wilfred Mole has created a 2ft gauge paradise with a fascinating variety of locomotives and rolling stock in working order.

On the first afternoon, the Heeresfeldbahn locomotive was in use. This was built for the German Army in the Great War and was later used on a Mozambique sugar estate.

Railway photography and video making is the main interest of the participants and so there are many opportunities arranged for run-pasts, which of course are rigorously regimented by those taking part.

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  1. A 2' railway gauge - I can't believe it! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself immensely and seeing some unique locomotives and countryside.

    All the best and keep safe.
    Chris McRae