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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rarawai 8 September 2014

Rarawai Mill is north of Lautoka and is connected to it by rail. A line extends to the north from Rarawai Mill to Tavua and beyond for a total of 40km. There is an out-depot at Tavua. There is also a network of lines in the Ba River valley but it is very had to find trains in this area as many of the lines do not coincide with roads.

Close to Ba, the navvy line car was attending the site of a recent derailment as witnessed by the spilt cane in the left background.

The gate guardian at the mill is a 1908 Fowler 0-6-2T.

Clyde number 9 in the empty yard preparing for a run with empties to Koronubu.

Clyde Ontrak rebuild 8 BOZLEY brings cane in from the north.

Ex Fairymead Mill Clyde 60 has retained its old number and its livery has been adopted for the Rarawai Mill fleet.

Hunslet 6wDH 21 heads across the Namasau Creek bridge with empties on a delivery run south.

Tavua-based Hunslet 6wDM 21 and ex Fairymead Mill Clyde 56 on a late afternoon run with cane from Drumasi.

The third loco at Tavua is ex-Isis Mill Clyde number 28, normally kept as a spare to cover breakdowns.

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