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Friday, September 5, 2014

Labasa Friday 5 September

Today I went out to the east of Labasa on the 53km line to Nubu. The return trip from the mill to Nubu by cane railway usually takes about 20 hours reflecting the track conditions and the productivity of the rail transport system. However, Fiji Sugar Corporation does appear to be making welcome improvements. The dirt road conditions are also bad although used by bus services.
The Wainikoro navvy line car, allegedly originating with Clyde at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, in 1966 but maybe a bit like Grandpa's axe.

EM Baldwin 14 heads south beside the picturesque Wainikoro River with empties.

I meet yet another friend, the ‘points boy’ of Clyde 11, at Kelikoso.

EM Baldwin 12 collecting truck cripples at Field 16, Nagigi.

16 DAMO ex Millaquin Mill Clyde ASHFIELD, rebuilt by IBS in Innisfail in 2013, on the Wainikoro River bridge.

17, ex Fairymead Mill Clyde 55 heads out light engine at Vuo Tank.

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