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Friday, September 5, 2014

Labasa Thursday 4 September

Today was the day of my official visit to Labasa Mill where I met the Chief Engineer, the Transport Engineer and the Civil Engineer. The visit gave me access to the mill yard, which you can’t enter without a security pass.
Regular weighbridge shunter 5 limps back to the loco shed obviously in need of repairs

Clyde number 8 being refuelled near the weighbridge 

The temporary weighbridge shunter – Clyde number 17, ex Fairymead Mill 55, recently transferred from Lautoka.

Clyde  number 11 brings a rake of empties through the mill yard, heading west

Baldwin number 14 nears the end of its afternoon run with empties on the Bucaisau River line

Baldwin 14 prepares to leave Coqeloa Loop with the first of its pick ups of full trucks as a tractor heads off across the river with empties the loco has just delivered.

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