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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway - 27 June 2013

Perhaps the last great 2ft gauge restoration project, the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, closed in 1935 is gradually being rebuilt with the initial base at the original Woody Bay station. Other sections of trackbed have been acquired and a rake of restored carriages is being amassed.

Unfortunately, this is the sight that greeted us on arrival at Woody Bay station.

AXE, the Kerr Stuart Joffre class had suffered a broken regulator linkage early in the week and was awaiting replacement parts, so the train service was diesel hauled.
An old friend from Queensland was this Baguley/Drewry, the former Victoria Mill LEICHHARDT

The main diesel locos currently in use are modern Hunslets regauged from 2ft 6in

 SID, a Maffei locomotive currently for sale
 The rolling Devon countryside
 The wonderful atmosphere of Woody Bay station

Chelfham Viaduct, awaiting the return of trains

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