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Friday, June 21, 2013

Astley Green Colliery Museum - 20 June 2013

This museum has the largest collection of narrow gauge underground mining locomotives in the UK. There is a variety of gauges with the operating line of 2ft gauge. Refreshingly, the locomotives are almost all securely sheeted over rather than being allowed to deteriorate in the open. However, I was given access to the loco shed and one locomotive ventured out for photos.

Some of the locomotives, secure under their tarpaulins

This 1957 English Electric battery locomotive greets visitors to the museum.

A 1947 Hunslet on display outside the engine house

This Hunslet stockyard shunter of 1979 normally is found in the loco shed
This dounble ended Hunslet of 1973 is named ROGER BOWEN after the colliery manager who was persuaded to retrieve it from underground on closure.

The massive steam winding engine built in Blackburn in 1912.

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