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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Amerton Railway - 15 June 2013

A 3¼ hour drive north brought me to Amerton, Staffordshire, home of the Staffordshire Narrow Gauge Railway Ltd. Their line is adjacent to the Amerton working farm tourist attraction, This weekend is their annual gala and their three steam locomotives and three visiting locomotives were in use. There was quite a crowd present and plenty of activity, with locomotives alternating on the passenger train and three freight consists.

Two 'Wren' locomotives were in use as well as a small but powerful gasworks loco. There was also a locally-built vertical boilered locomotive and the newly restored Hudswell Clarke number 19 from Lautoka Mill, Fiji, visiting from Statfold Barn.

Nick Williams' Barclay gasworks loco JACK

Graham Morris' Wren, PETER PAN
Bagnall ISABEL, which initiated the whole Amerton project

Lautoka 19 and ISABEL

A sight to behold, last seen in Fiji

PADDY, a 'bitsa' geared vertical boiler locomotive
JENNIE, a new Wren built at Statfold Barn

Carriage shunting with a Ruston LBT
Day 2 of the gala will see a return visit.

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