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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kempton Waterworks Railway - 15 June 2013

The commencement of the 2013 UK narrow gauge program of visits was in west London at Kempton, the site of the Metropolitan Water Board Railway Society's new line at Kempton. The Society hopes to rebuild a section of the old Water Works railway that once ran from Hampton to Kempton to sevice London's water supply system.
The opportunity to have use of the locomotives and rolling stock from the Kew Bridge Museum, out of commission there in 2013, has stimulated the construction of a short line, named the Hanworth Loop, as the first step in the project. The line is laid entirely on concrete sleepers that have been manufactured on site by society members. 


Although the railway has been operating on Sundays, today was the first steaming day for 2013 of the large pumping engines at Kempton, and there was steady stream of passengers.
The steam locomotive is THOMAS WICKSTEED, a Kerr Stuart 'Wren', construction of which began at Kew Bridge, but completed by Hunslet at Statfold Barn in 2009.

There is also an interesting petrol-hydraulic locomotive named HOUNSLOW, built by one of the volunteers.

Lister Blackstone 44052 of 1958 - 2 ALISTER
Unfortunately, the current setup of the line is not very helpful to photographers but hopefully this will change over time.

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