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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday 8 April 2013 - Tasmania's west coast Day 2

This was the day we had booked on the West Coast Wilderness Railway which runs between Queenstown and Strahan. It is the rebuilt Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Company's line which includes an Abt rack section. The top section (including the rack) is worked by steam locomotives of Dübs design while the bottom section is worked by diesels of Vulcan/Drewry design. The line is threatened with closure and will be closing this winter season although it is anticipated that it will reopen later in the year.
The line is spectacular in its engineering and its environment.
The presentation of the locomotives, steam and diesel, is second to none anywhere in the world.

MOUNT LYELL No.5, built by North British in 1938

On the rack section through the forest

King River Gorge

The loco is being oiled by its female fireman from the pit at Dubbil Barril but she can't be seen underneath the locomotive
The diesel-hauled train from Strahan arrives at Dubbil Barril

Turning No.5 at Dubbil Barril
. . . and D2, also supplied originally to the Mount Lyell company

D2 at the Lower Landing station with typical west coast vegetation in the background
In the lower King valley

On arrival at Regatta Point, Strahan
At the Queenstown depot, MOUNT LYELL No.3, fitted with Porta-style draughting

Also at Queenstown, ex TGR V9, the first locomotive built at their Launceston Workshops
Regatta Point dusk

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