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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A modest start to the Tasmanian trip.
A visit to the Museum of New & Old Art was on the cards so I used the opportunity to have a reconnaisance of the Tasmanian Transport Museum at Glenorchy, knowing it wouldn't be open. The Climax was visible behind barbed wire defences.

An unexpected bonus was the appearance of a 4-loco lashup running light out of Hobart on the adjoining line of whatever TGR is called this week. They came from four different QR classes.
2003, ex QR Clyde 1508 rebuilt by Tranz Rail in NZ

2101, ex QR GEC Aus 2355 rebuilt by AN Tasmania

2134, ex QR GEC-AEI 1320 rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen

2006, ex QR 1465 rebuilt by Tranz Rail

MONA was certainly worth a visit.

and it was a lovely afternoon to stroll around part of old Hobart.


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  1. I trust you sampled the delights of Jackman & McRoss bakery while meandering around Battery Point. It looks like it was pretty much where your "Old Hobart" photo was taken from.