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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday 19 August - Shurugwi

The main purpose for the trip to Zimbabwe was to visit what was once known as the Selukwe and Peak Light Railway. This is situated a 2-hour drive from Bulawayo and Chas drove me there. The very scenic 2ft gauge line was built in 1916 and links the railhead at Shurugwi (Selukwe) with the Peak chrome mine, as well as performing a number of other key mining operations at Shurugwi.

The main line diesel power includes a Funkey bogie diesel, the same as the ones on the Festiniog and Welsh Highland Railways. We were told that the FR tried to buy it. Instead it will shortly be refurbished.

The two other mainline locos were built by Prof in Zimbabwe and are similar to NYLETA on the South Johnstone Mill tramway in Queensland. 

One of them hauled the free passenger train we rode on.

The smaller locos here are also all Prof products. This appeared to be a very well-run mining operation, and the ongoing refurbishment of main-line locomotives suggests that it will continue operating for some years to come.

A very interesting and worthwhile day.

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  1. Glad you're safe, well & having a good time. I like the sound of a funkey bogie diesel.