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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sandstone Steam Gala Tuesday 27 March 2012

The day began with “Kalahari” number 17 performing at dawn and during the early session.

NG15 at Grootdraai

Then two interesting smaller locomotives were on show – a German World War I “Feldbahn” 0-8-0T and a sugar cane locomotive, SEZELA No.3 built by Avonside.
Feldbahn 498


The Funkey diesel was used for shunting at Hoekfontein. This was rebuilt from an underground mining locomotive.

Later in the morning, the Kalahari went to Vailima Siding, requiring three goes at the bank to get there.
NG13 having difficulty on Pandora bank

In the afternoon, Garratt 153 was again out, hauling a train to Vailima Siding with ease, where two bogie wagons were loaded with hay bales for return to the farm after traversing the Vailima Loop.
Loading hay near Vailima Siding

Climbing the bank to Vailima

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