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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sandstone Steam Gala Thursday 29 March 2012

Today there were four Garratts in steam.

Initially, green NGG16 88 set off for a run around the line but couldn't make it up the hill to Vailima and had to back down to Vailima Siding to run around its train and return to Hoekfontein.

88 on Pandora Bank

Then there were two double-headed trains. NGG16s 113 and 153 were on a train of vans.
NGG13 49 and 88 were on a mixed train.
They posed togather at Grootvraai Loop.
There was an 11-wagon road train.
The Feldbahn locomotive was out and about for the remainder of the day. 
498 with Hannes Palling

In the evening a little night photography was tried.
NGG13 number 49

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