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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sandstone Steam Gala Monday 26 March 2012

This was another very interesting day.

In the morning, the Kerr Stuart “Tamar” 0-4-2ST reappeared together with the Natal Government Railways NG4 Kerr Stuart 4-6-2T.

Natal Government Railways Pacific tank

At lunchtime, two tiny locomotives, a 0-4-0T Decauville rescued from Angola and a Kerr Stuart “Wren” 0-4-0ST put in an appearance. The Decauville ran a small passenger train out to the Grootdraai Loop.

Preserved in 1933 in Angola and rescued from a wrecked sugar mill


Driving the Decauville

Shunting with the 1961 Bagnall diesel.
Shunting at Hoekfontein

In the afternoon, Garratt 153 again did the circuit of the entire line.

John Lyas watering at Vailima Siding

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