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Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Zealand January 2016. 5 - Ex New Zealand Railways locomotives

Many former New Zealand Railways locomotives have been preserved because they had passed into industrial use. Many NZR locomotives were suitable for industrial operators because of their small size and NZR purchased numbers of locomotives of industrial design. Again, a significant degree of variety is to be seen.

One of the the first 3ft 6in gauge locomotives to be put into service in New Zealand was this double Fairlie built by Vulcan Foundry (637 of 1872), on the Dunedin and Port Chalmers railway.
It was sold to the Public Works Department in 1900 and has been preserved since 1926.
It takes pride of place at the entrance of the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum in Dunedin.

This small Dübs 0-4-0T A67, (647 of 1873) was sold into industrial service in 1897, serving a succession of enterprises until presented to the Ocean Beach Railway in Dunedin by Milburn Cement in 1967.
 It is currently under overhaul. 
NZR L508 was a 2-4-0T built by Avonside in 1877 (builder's number 1206) and it passed to the Public Works Department in 1901 and then to Wilson's (NZ) Portland Cement in 1931.
It is operational at Shantytown.

This small 0-4-0T was built by EW Mills in Wellington (3 of 1875) and only worked on the government railway for a short period, passing to the Public Works Department and a variety of industrial users.
It is on static display at Shantytown.

This delightful Neilson 2-4-0T (2306 of 1878) was numbered D16 in NZR service.
In 1917, it passed to the NZ Refrigerating Company and is now preserved in working order at the Pleasant Point Railway near Timaru..

This 1878 Single Fairle, R28 (Avonside 1217 of 1878) was used by the Timaru Harbour Board and a coal mine near Reefton. It has been on display at Reefton since 1959.

A classic British diesel of the inter-war years, TR18 was built for Drewry by English Electric at the Dick Kerr works in Preston (913 of 1936) and remained in NZR service until going to the Pleasant Point Railway in 1983.

A most undignified fate. NZR and industrial users had numbers of these Drewry designed diesels from Vulcan Foundry and Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn  
Ex-NZR Ds214 (Vulcan Foundry (D161 of 1952) is displayed at 'Steampunk HQ' at Oamaru. Put a coin in the slot and it 'spits fire and billows smoke'. 

This superbly presented Hunslet 0-6-0DM, Dsa262 (4699 of 1957) operates trains at Founders Historical Park, Nelson. 
It came here ex NZR in 1985.

Local builder A & G Price produced small shunting units for NZR. Tr107 (176 of 1957) came to Shantytown from NZR in 2005.

Bagnall 0-4-0DM Tr156 (3105 of 1957) came to the Ferrymead Railway in 1998 from NZR.

The following are two of the three locomotives in industrial service on the South Island.

Bo-Bo DE DSC2067 works at the Alliance Group's Pukeuri meatworks near Oamaru, and is British Thompson Houston 1071 of 1959. 
It was sold out of NZR service in 1991.

Westland Dairy products at Hokitika operates 0-4-0DM Tr169 (A & G Price 193 of 1960), purchased from NZR in 2006. 

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